Source American Factories and Suppliers at Maker's Row


Tanya Menedez and Matthew Burnett's story is all too common. Like passionate, determined entrepreneurs, they were on a quest to build their brand The Brooklyn Bakery. However, similar to other emerging designers, they found it difficult to find US-based resources that would allow them to produce their goods domestically. Walking various trade shows, sourcing on their own and buying books still took time and energy.

This summer, they applied to the Brooklyn Beta Summer Camp to develop an idea that would help solve this industry void. Here, they met Scott Weiner and developed Maker's Row, an online database that provides information on made in America resources. Simply put, their mission is "to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access."

Maker's Row stands out because designers can search several ways. With their six step making process, designers can start by looking for vendors that help with ideation, or bringing the concept to life. They can also delve in at any of the other design phases which includes: pattern making, materials, sample making, tooling or production.

Each company listing contains an in-depth profile which consists of contact information, what they sell, make and do. Designers can also request samples of work. To humanize the process, they have a video component which shares the story of the company, making the sourcing process a bit more personal. And, to make it even more turn-key, designers can also search by category or keyword.


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