Summer Fridays with Layla L'obatti of Between The Sheets

Between The Sheets Summer Fridays

Our new Summer Fridays feature takes a peak inside the world of our favorite emerging designer labels. Read more about Layla L'obatti:

Brand: Between the Sheets

Location: Long Island City, Queens

Favorite Between the Sheets summer piece and why? I love our new Venus in Play tee, for those lazy summer days when I don't really want to get dressed I just throw on some jeans and a jacket (depending on the temp) and run out the door. If I want to take it to the next level jewelry and heels can dress it up, and you have the perfect effortless look.

Favorite food? That would depend on what day you ask me, but currently - popsicles.

Favorite drink? Anything caffeinated, for the summer months I take it all iced. I really love Stumptown's iced coffee.

Favorite local spot? We're members of MOMA, I love being able to go whenever I want and A. people watch (really interesting people go to MOMA) B. look at art, photography, product design under one roof C. enjoy the air conditioning and coffee in there cafe (sensing a trend here?)

Where do you go to relax? Bed, preferably accompanied by my two feline friends.

Summer inspiration? Bicycles, its a luxury I never realized I would miss so much. You don't have to live near a beach to feel like its summer, just ride a bike.

Summer song? I've been listening to the Eagles lately, reminds me of summer road trips.

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