Supra Endura Launches Planned Parenthood Scarves


Supra Endura, a contemporary emerging designer label is set on raising awareness and funds for Planned Parenthood. The brand's charitable efforts are a part of their seasonal push that highlights social causes. 

In 2016 I watched as again Planned Parenthood came under attack.  There were many parts of this that infuriated me, one of them being that Planned Parenthood helps many women in low-income communities have access to healthcare. I felt planned parenthood was really a community asset that provided healthcare, education, and worked with similar organizations around the world.

Founder Gabrielle Mandel designed two bold and punchy scarves both titled, It's My Body. The pieces will be sold online and at 7 boutiques. For every scarf sale online, $25 is donated back to Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Supra Endura It's My Body PP

Supra Endura PP Scarf

Learn more at Supra Endura. 

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