Sustainability Roundup: Zara, Megan Markle, Faretch and Public School's V-to Line

via CFDA

via CFDA

Welcome to our Sustainability Roundup! This is our newest series dedicated to sustainability. Moving forward, we’ll be covering news, companies we like and more.

In the News

  1. Zara recently announced their sustainability plan and making making a (Slate)

  2. Megan Markle has championed sustainability through her clothing choices and with her new line, it makes others wonder if she will follow in and sustainability (Vogue)

  3. What is sustainable fashion? A few of these business practices are ways brands can make a change. (WTVOX)

  4. Public School is taking on sustainability with their new V-to line of blanks for designers (Highsnobiety)

  5. UK-based retailer Farfetch launches Second Life which resales used handbags (Euronews)

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