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Courtesty photo: Swatch On

Courtesty photo: Swatch On

Looking for a more efficient way to source fabrics that will save you time and money? Swatch On, an online fabric platform is helping the sampling process become a lot easier for emerging designers and fashion companies. 

With a mission to create a global fabric marketplace and be a pioneer in digitizing the fabric industry, they already have a robust offering with 2,000 wholesale suppliers based in South Korea. This translates into over 100,000 products online. With strong search filters, users can find fabrics by content, pattern type, performance features, and other characteristics, making Swatch On accessible, efficient and easy. 

The Benefits for Designers

The company offers wholesale fabrics with no minimum quantity. All swatches are free and they offer bulk discounts. They also offer high-quality, customized digital prints on lace, sequins and more.

If you are based in the United States, there’s no sales and import taxes if an order is less than $800. 

Getting Started with the Swatch Box

With their Swatch Box offering, designers can source samples for free.


Readers of The Emerging Designer get a free fabric shipping coupon that can be used on any amount of fabric. The offer is valid until the end of February, 2019.

Learn more at Swatch On.

Note: This is a sponsored story.

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