Taking the Time to Engage on Social Media


Social Media Engagement If you think of social media like a party, you'll understand that the conversation is a little bit about you, about them, and of course, what's going on in popular culture.

As you are navigating your way through social media, your main focus is most likely pushing out content. Whether that's getting a blog post up on your website, creating a post for Facebook or sending out a few tweets.

Now, the other half of that should be engaging with your audience. To do this effectively, make time throughout your day to respond to people. You may want to pick a specific time of day, use a timer to stay focused, and go through your tweets or Facebook posts in order to keep yourself active and social.

Another strategy is to create a list of people that you would like to reconnect with and set aside some time to reach out and also read the content they are putting out. This could be people in your network such as customers, editors, bloggers, retailers and other businesses that you work with. This keeps you and your brand top of mind, it won't clog their inbox and who wouldn't want to get a friendly  hello?

The point is that social media involves engagement and putting a plan in play to do this will help you create a stronger brand and keep you relevant.

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