The Emerging Designer Week in Review: 7 Pinterest Tools, Spring Retail Trends, Beyonce's Tumblr and Networking Tips


1. Here are a few stats on how good spring weather helped retailers. Use this information to understand what this means for your brand (via The New York Times)

2. By now you must be on Pinterest right? Here are 7 tools to rev up your "Pinfluence" (via Mashable)

3. Copyright infringement is a big deal and a sticky topic. From Tory Burch to C Wonder (her ex husband's brand) and Gucci and Guess, take a look at this Battle of the Brands slideshow (via Forbes)

4. The fashion business requires you to be one part creative and the other part business oriented. Use these 3 rules for building relationships. (via Inc)

5. In February, Social Media Week introduced us to a lot of valuable information and resources. Check out Scott Belsky's: Making Ideas Happen video and get inspired. (via Social Media Week)

6. We all can't be Beyonce and get 3.5 million followers when she launched her Tumblr this past week. But can anyone? The one thing a designer can do, like Beyonce, is give your audience a peak into your world. Your story is what people want to see!

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