The Emerging Designer Week In Review: Birds for Spring, Typography 101, Fashion Star and Apple as a Luxury Brand?

1. So what's trending for spring? Looks like you'll see birds up in the air and on your clothes. (via The Wall Street Journal)

2. Check out these 7 galleries of excellent e-commerce sites and get inspired as you work on yours. (via Open Forum)

3. The term luxury has many different definitions. Do you think Apple is a luxury brand? (via WWD)

4. Were you able to check out the new show "Fashion Star"? Here's the rundown on the show and how you may be able to get some insight on what retailers are looking for in-store. (via The New York Times)

5. We all know how important first impressions are to a business. Read this article on Typography 101 and easy ways to make your visual presence attractive to your customers. (via Mashable).

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