The Emerging Designer Week in Review: News, Resources and Inspiration from Around the Web


1. You can always count on Moncler Grenoble to give us a fresh Fashion Week presentation. This time, the stage was Wollman Rink in Central Park where ice skaters gave us a theatrical performance of leaps, jumps and axels while showing off the collection and highlighting its functional aspect too. This is one brand that nailed an in-situation presentation. (via The Wall Street Journal)

2. What does it take to have a successful website? Take a look at these tips and check off which ones you've done. My favorite tip is the about page. Do you have one? (via Open Forum)

3. Zappos knows the importance of young talent and has launched The Emerging Designer program. They are looking for the for designer specializing in everything from dresses, accessories and athletic wear.  Check it out to see if you qualify. (via Transworld Business)

4. Did you hear how JC Penny  is restructuring their entire business, including; pricing, store layout and shopper strategy? Read this and see what you can learn from this well-known retailer. (via Forbes)

5. Developing your own personal brand online is key to being found and your opportunity to build your image online. Checkout these 5 simple tools for managing your business on the web. (via Fast Company)

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