The Importance of Developing A Signature: SENA Talks About Her Cut Out Dress

All strong brands have a signature. Whether it's a color, silhouette or hardware, a signature is key in building and growing a fashion business. Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After Bag, Christian Louboutin's red sole or Diane von Furstenberg's wrap dress have become synonymous with their name and return each season.

As an emerging designer, it's important to develop your point-of-view and key elements in your designs as a way to brand your label. Sena Yang is the designer of SENA, a New York-based contemporary womenswear label that has been around for eight seasons and exudes a modern cool glamour with bold, sophisticated silhouettes that channel a refined sex appeal.

In each collection, looks evolve to keep up with what's relevant in the market and while she stays true to her aesthetic, there are certain design details that she continues to bring back in dresses, tops and leggings. Her Cut Out dress, made for a range of body types fits like a glove and has strategically placed panels and cut outs to flatter the figure. Popular with celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton, the Cut Out is also referred to as the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress for its wide range appeal. To do this, she's adamant on fit and pays special attention to ways she can enhance the figure and provide bra-friendly details for no fuss wear.

Her strategy has paid off as her Cut Out dress has become her signature. Sena tells us, "I think when your brand becomes synonymous with a certain look it’s a really wonderful thing because it means your branding and identity have become recognized by the public."

Sena produces the line in New York's Garment District. With access to vendors and factories she has all she needs at her fingertips. Plus, being able to oversee the production process and have full quality control of her products is important. Local manufacturing is a priority of her business and she is keen on spreading awareness; her care labels say Made 100% in NYC to tell this story to her customer.

With signature cut outs, a focus on fit and made in New York pride, Sena has developed a focused road map to building her brand.


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