The One Question to Ask Before You Email Your Business Pitch

Credit: Domenico Loia

Credit: Domenico Loia

Pitching your business to an editor, blogger or a partner that you want to do business with? Chances are that you are doing a lot of outreach on a regular basis.

With people in email overload, it's important to craft your email in a way that it will receive a response. So, before you hit send on an email, one question to ask yourself is whether your content is authentic.

This question is so important because it weeds out those who are genuine and those that think that everyone is the same. Ultimately, you want your recipient to think yes, that pitch is for me versus another publication, blogger or company.

To get to the answer, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it tailored to the recipient?

  • Will it make the receiver know it's for them?

  • Are you giving them information they care about?

  • Does it relate to their target audience?

  • Can you create a connection to your brand and what they do or the business they represent?

What may seem like a business basic, is often overlooked. And, at the end of the day, business is based on authentic relationships and mutual respect for one another. Taking a bit of time to create a thoughtful email can go a long way.

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