The Pop-Up Paradigm Book: The Strategic Guide to Understanding and Creating One


Pop-ups are all the buzz these days. Both big brands and emerging designers are incorporating this strategy into their efforts. With that said, it's also become easier for designers to execute one with resources like Storefront, collaborating with like-minded brands and working with retailers and tastemakers that curate short-term spaces.  Despite the lower barrier into the market over the past few years, many questions still remain such as what's the value in doing one? Will I see immediate sales and what does success look like? In her new book, "The Pop-Up Paradigm," Melissa Gonzalez, founder of The Lion'Esque Group, a firm of pop-up architects discusses the role of pop-up shops in retail and how brands can benefit in a variety of ways. With experience in developing big ideas from creative inception, retail strategy and overseeing production for a variety of clients throughout the nation, Melissa brings a fresh perspective to the dynamic and quickly growing world of pop-ups. She has helped brands test new markets, understand the power of social currency and educate the consumer. 

The book talks about a variety of topics that surround the pop-up space like the importance of building human connections. You'll also learn key considerations to see if a pop-up is right for your business and the value that it can bring to the brand. The case studies mentioned discuss the objectives and key learnings that may resonate with your business strategy along with how luxury brands like Louis Vuittion, Kenzo and Marc Jacobs have made their brands accessible to the consumer. 

She also put's into perspective a brand's expectations on ROI or return on investment which can be hard concept for many emerging designers to swallow since most initiatives require upfront capital and the ideal outcome is sales, but is not always the case. In many instances, it's branding, sales leads, social mentions or a combination of these benefits.

Because it's a short-term experience that should have a long-term impact, you can't just examine immediate sales when you consider a pop-up's ROI. You need to think about.....

The chapter titled "the how-to guide" will serve as a roadmap for success and give considerations for launching one from an operations and marketing standpoint and the types of questions that every company should ask themselves before investing their time and money into one.

To learn more and get your copy, check out The Pop-Up Paradigm.

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