The Power of a Writing a Thank You Note


  Thank You Card via Rifle Paper Co

Securing a sale is always exciting and getting that customer to become a repeat one is as equally important for several reasons. In addition to a second transaction, it's the start of a relationship, your opportunity to connect with a potential brand ambassador and a way to get market research. With competition from others that sell your brand and those selling similar products, the little things do matter because it can determine whether a customer will come back or go elsewhere.

One question to ask is what do you do after a sale?

Something as simple as a thank you note can help your brand stand out. With a customized message, it now adds emotion to a purchase versus that sale being just a transaction. It also shows your authenticity as a designer and another touch point in the brand experience continuum. Plus, you can reinforce your brand's personality and aesthetic. This is also your chance to explain, ask for feedback and let them know that you are there to help if they need anything else.

The other benefit of a thank you note is that it's simply an overlooked gesture which makes it another reason to do something thoughtful for someone else.

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