Twitter Adds a GIF Library, Polls and Better Direct Messaging Features


Twitter wants to help make your tweets a little more fantastic. And, if you're not always sure what to post, consider this update a chance to get creative. The social media platform recently announced a few new features that will hopefully increase engagement with followers and strengthen your brand personality while also building relationships.


Here are 3 Twitter updates to try the next time you compose a message:

1. Add GIFs Easily

You can now add GIFs from their library when you compose a tweet or direct message. Use can search from a variety of categories such as applauses, dance moves and fist bumps for a more animated tweet.

Twitter Lets You Add GIFS

2. Develop a Poll

Users can now create a poll and have it run up to 7 days. This can be beneficial if you want to test a product, learn more about your customer or conduct any other type of market research.


Twitter Lets You Create Survesy


3. Send Content Through Direct Messages

Businesses can also send direct messages in the form of text, photo, video, GIF or emoji. This allows brands to engage in a personal way and also a gateway to good customer service.


witter Lets You Send Direct Messages


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