Twitter's New Analytics for Small Businesses


Twitter Analytics  

Do you ever wonder if people really care about your tweets or even click on them? Well now, Twitter analytics will provide you with more data about your content whether it's a paid campaign or your organic tweets. And, it's available for anyone with an account.

On your Twitter homepage, find the gear or settings section and select the drop down that says ads.  When you click on this, it will open up your dashboard.

Their latest update allows you to see analytics for the past 28 days. This includes information like impressions, engagements and engagement rates along with retweets, clicks and follows. The data also reveals information about your followers such as interests, gender, location and which other Twitter accounts users follow. If you want to dive deep into the numbers, you can export it.

In addition to analytics, you can also see 3 other areas of interest:

Campaigns: Detailed information about the campaigns you've set up if you've paid for Twitter advertising

Creatives: Twitter has a list of all of the tweets you've created that can be assigned to a campaign. They also have a section for Twitter Cards which can be used to explain what you do for new business leads or a specific call to action like drive people to your website.

Conversion Tracking: You'll now be able to measure your return on investment and see what people do after they've interacted with your ad.

Whether you're paying for advertising or not, these tools allow you to understand how Twitter can impact your business. Be sure dive in because there's a trove of information for you to use.

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