Use Breather for Photoshoots, Buyer Appointments and More (Free Credit)

Do you ever need space just to do business? Whether you have a meeting, need a location for a photoshoot, buyer appointment, or are away from your office, you can use Breather to book space on demand. Users can book for just an hour or up to an entire day.

Breather has over 100 locations in New York and is in other cities including London, Boston, Chicago, DC and beyond. Rooms are equipped with wifi, are always private and have a lounge area.

The best part is every space is well designed, modern, clean and make great for Instagram postings! You can search by your needs (good lighting for a shoot) and easily book on their app.

Some ideas for Breather spaces include:

  • Throw an event
  • Host a buyer appointment
  • Have a press preview
  • Shoot your next look book
  • Have a meeting
  • Home base while traveling




Breather Space


Breather Space

Learn more about Breather and use EmergingDesigner for a free $45 credit which will get you at least an hour free (we get a credit as well). 

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