Use Clipix to Clip Your Ideas, Research and Next Steps Privately and Publicly


Clipix Tool for Fashion Designers

Organizing your ideas, research and next steps just got a little easier with Clipix. Similar to Pinterest, Clipix allows you to create boards to help provide structure to your business.

When you see something you like, you can clip it from your browser or phone. You can also upload a photo, scan a QR code or even create a voice clip. When collaborating with a team, there's an option to use their syncboard which allows everyone to see updates in real time. Users can create as many boards as they like and choose whether they are private or public.

Here are a few board ideas that fashion designers can create to help organize their business:

1. Fabrics and materials that you would like to use

2. Magazines and blogs you plan to pitch

3. Vendors such as factories and manufactures

4. People that you've met from networking events

5. Articles and books that you would like to read

6. Websites that you admire and competitors that you need to understand

7. Healthy recipes that will help provide a work life balance

8. Celebrities that you want to wear your products

9. Great marketing ideas that have sparked your imagination

10. Stores that you are planning to contact

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By creating specific boards to organize your business, you also provide a visual road map for yourself which is essential for your company's growth.

Learn more about this tool at Clipix.

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