Use These 3 Resources to Book Your Meetings, Shoots and Events

Have an important meeting, market week presentation or doing a photo shoot? Or, maybe you're traveling to a new market and want to set up appointments. Whatever your business needs, budget range or parameters, we've found 3 solid resources that will make planning your occasion a bit more easier.




How it Works: Download their app, secure your space for 30 minutes or longer and check-in to unlock the door. Leave when you're finished or extend your stay if you need to. 
Good for: Meetings, brainstorms, photoshoots, market appointments, fittings and more! 
Cities: New York, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and others. 
TED Deals: Use the code EMERGINGDESIGNER to get a $45 credit when you sign up 
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Peer Space

How it Works: Explore their database, find what space works for you and connect with event hosts. If you need equipment, catering, furniture rental, their concierge team can help. 
Good for: Meetings, photoshoots, launch parties, networking events, market appointments and fittings
Cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, Berlin, London & Paris 
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This Open Space


This is Open Space


How it Works: Browse spaces, message the hosts to answer any questions and book for a day or weeks!

Good for: Photoshoots, meetings, market appointments, trunks shows and more

Cities: New York, Los Angeles Toronto, Vancouver and more

TED Deals: Earn a $25 credit when you register.

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