Use These Google Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

Gmail Extensions

Interested in boosting your productivity? Try taking a look at your email and browser to see where you can make enhancements.

If you’re not already working on G-Suite, Google’s platform of services, you may want to consider because they have a variety of tools like Docs, Photos, Calendar and more. There’s also their library of extensions or apps to help you get organized and even provide shortcuts to other platforms such as Dropbox or LinkedIn. 

The best way to get started is to use Google’s Chrome browser so you’re in the brand's family. You should explore these extensions and also check out the ones below to see if it’s right for your business needs: 


This extension allows you to send emails at a specified date and time. So, if you want to get a bunch of work done in the evening or the weekends, but not bother others, Boomerang is perfect. There’s also a pause incoming email feature so you can prevent incoming messages from landing in your inbox which will probably give you some peace of mind while you are trying to work.


Want some intelligence on the emails you’ve sent to others? Install Mailtrack. You’ll get the scoop on how people are engaging with your emails and learn about opens and when your content has been read. They offer real time data too. If you don't want others to see their signature in the bottom, there’s an option to upgrade. 


Instead of taking frame grabs of things you see on a website, use Keep. It takes photos for you with a click of a button and you can organize photos by labels. Keeps main feature is note taking so whether you want to dictate a list, clip a reference image or write a note, this is a good tool.  The best part is that you can create a shortcut so the app lives in the bookmark bar of your browser so capturing images and notes are easy to do.

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