Use These New InstaSize Features For Your Videos and Graphics


As a small business owner, you should have a handful of tools to make your life easier, your business run more efficiently and of course, boosts your creativity.    InstaSize is a must-have app for your Iphone or Android because it does exactly that with their photo editing and filter capabilities along with text and video editing. 

Here's a list of their top features: 

1. Library of Filters

The app has an extensive library of filters (50 plus for Premium accounts) that will help you build an aesthetic that is proprietary to your brand and keep your imagery consistent. 

2.  Grid Planning


There's a grid planning tool that will allow you to create a visual story before you post a photo. Plus, you  won't have to worry about whether your next set of images will work for your feed. 

3. Text and Background Patterns on Images & Video


This is one of their newest features and also extremely useful if you want to add some character to your images, Instagram Stories, quotes, blog posts and more. They launch new backgrounds monthly and you can also upload your own. Plus, Beyonce is doing it. 

4. Beauty Tools 


Need to give your selfie a boost? Their beauty editing features lets you to add vibrance to a face, whiten teeth, tan skin and smooth complexion. 

Users have access to a free basic plan and have the option to upgrade to premium to get all the features and updates. Learn more and download the app at Instasize. 

Note: This is a sponsored post. 

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