Use Unfold to Create Beautiful, Modern Instagram Graphics Easily 

via Unfold

via Unfold

Modern layouts, a sharp aesthetic and customization options. These are just some of the features of Unfold, an app that lets you create beautiful graphics easily for your Instagram Feed or Stories.

Created by a team of storytellers that put design first, this toolkit takes the guesswork out of designing and quickly elevates your content.

Users can easily upload photos or videos, select their text preferences and use one of their many templates such as the film frame that’s inspired by film and analog photography or ripped paper that is a nod to self-expression and creative rebellion. There’s also an option to change the color of the background with their muted palette or purchase premium templates for creative flexibility. Once you are happy with your designs, you can export the files to be used on other social platforms.

The best part? The options are plenty, but not overwhelming so you can efficiently create beautiful graphics and a visual story for your brand.

Learn more at Unfold and download the app.

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