Use Wunderlist to Make Your To-Do List For You and Your Team


wunderlist to do app Your to-do list. It's what you live by, your daily roadmap and most likely lives in several notebooks, solo sheets of paper or even color coded sticky notes. Your list probably gets long as you plan out production, sales, managing social media and just returning emails. That's why consolidating your lists and memos in one central location is important when running your day-to-day business operations.

To help you get organized electronically and keep you staying productive, there's Wunderlist. It's a free app that allows you to create, share and collaborate on assignments easily. With their Cloud Sync feature, data will be updated seamlessly on your Apple or Android devices and can also be accessed through the web. When you're on the move, you can easily cross items off your list too!

They have several features to keep you organized, including:

  • Easily add tasks and assign them to categories or projects
  • Star the task and set a deadline
  • Create a subtask, note and a reminder
  • Print out your list or email it to others

Users have the option to upgrade to Wunderlist Pro so they can collaborate by assigning to-do lists, sharing tasks with team members and have the options to receive alerts on activity.

Learn more and download the app at Wunderlist.

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