Use Your Instagram Photos on Your Blog to Drive Traffic To Your Site

Screen-Shot-2014-06-22-at-9.13.15-PM.png It's probably safe to say that you are using Instagram for your business. And, it's probably also safe to say that you're posting quite frequently. In addition to having beautiful photos, you've also garnered visual content that could and should be used again. One way to do this is to add your Instagram photos to your blog. It's an easy way for you to repurpose content and having dynamic, constantly updated content on your website keeps search engines engaged. 

Here's how to do it:
  1. Select some of your best photos like press clippings,  your collection, a selfie or pictures that received a lot likes and positive comments.
  2. You can either take a frame grab of that content or use the embed feature on the bottom right of an Instagram post and copy it to your clipboard so you can add it to your post. If you are using a Wordpress blog, there are several ways to embed an image.
  3. From here, you should classify the post with appropriate and very focused tags that you will continue to use in your blog posts. You should also add text to explain what the photo means. Also think about adding a call to action or linking the photo to where an item can be purchased.
  4. Once you get familiar with the process, you can take your selected batch of photos and create multiple blog posts and schedule them weeks in advance so you will have a calendar of posts already planned. 

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