Emerging Designer Spotlight: Veroni Deco


Emerging designer Veroni Deco will serenade you in to her collection that's a bit fantastical and purely feminine. Growing up in the Czech Republic, she was surrounded by a cornucopia of birds on her grandparent's parrot farm and developed a fascination with the animals; which soon became the fuel for her creative endeavors.

Coming from a family of seamstresses, she learned the importance of impeccable craftsmanship and felt that it was natural to follow suit. Veroni studied fashion design and interned with The National Theater in Prague helping to create costumes for ballet dancers, and developed a more theatrical aesthetic. Upon graduation, she moved to London to develop her creativity and began working on her own line.

Her most recent work is a 10 piece collection that she is looking to grow from both a ready-to-wear and custom perspective. Infusing inspiration from 1920s dames and sirens with a touch of dark glamour, her collection is wildly ornate. With an ode to her childhood, she uses dramatic feather touches along with stunning lace, embroideries, beads and velvet to tell a textural story that she plans to use as her signature. Veroni tells us "the new collection is inspired by a strong female character that every woman wants to be and every man wants to be with. One will be struck in awe and seduced by the charisma and sex appeal of the incomparable Jessica Rabbit."


Check out the entire collection at Veroni Deco Emerging designer or have a resource to share? Feel free to contact me at hello@theemergingdesigner.com.

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