Want Sales? How and Why You Should Cast A Wide Focused Net


Ready to make progress in your business? Whether you’re trying to get sales or mentions in a blog or magazine, you have to think about your efforts as a numbers game. Often times as entrepreneurs, we don't realize the size of our opportunity because we are not thinking big enough. With that said, it's important to remember that it's all about casting a wide, yet focused net. Here are a few thoughts on how to do it and some next steps to keep in mind: 

Research + Pitch 

This strategy requires you to first do research to see where you belong from an aesthetic, price and values standpoint. This research should be ongoing and a part of your brand's database. 

For example, if you are trying to grow your sales accounts, then you have to research and visit stores, pitch them and follow-up. If you want to get into 10 stores, you'll probably have to reach out to 100 stores that are a fit with your brand.

Don't stop there. Keep thinking bigger! Let's say that your primary market is NYC, try to find similar markets in another city that has the same type of customer. This is one way to keep your net wide. 

Think Outside of Traditional Retail 

There are so many challenges for entrepreneurs with the traditional retail model. Try thinking outside of the box and explore different categories and places to sell. A few examples include corporate gifting, pop-up shops, co-working spaces, hotels and resorts, branded experiences, pop-ins, custom opportunities and on Instagram. 

Set Expectations and Be Mindful of Goals 

With each task you take on, it's important to set expectations for your business knowing that success takes time and it may be months or even a season or two to get where you want to be. Being mindful of your goals on a regular basis will keep your expectations in tact. 

Execute and Follow-Up

Executing on time and following-up will be crucial to your business. So, as you plan your to-do's, make sure there's the right amount of time built in. Now, once you execute, just know that you'll have to follow-up because the reality is that today, people are busy and don't like calls and trying to get an email response is challenging. Nonetheless, a timely, courteous follow-up is always good to do. 

Tell Others What You Want

Put your goals, intentions and desires into the universe! When you tell others, they may want to collaborate, have a connection or can help.

Stay Focused and Don't Compromise 

When you stay focused on what you want and don't comprise, opportunities can come your way that feel right. You'll just have to ask yourself how wide and focused your net is and be sure to stick to it.

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