Week in Review: Remembering Anna Piaggi, myLuckymag.com, Become A Productivity Ninja and 7 Pinterest Tools



1. Need some inspiration ladies? Here are 44 female founders that every entrepreneur should know. (via Mashable)

2. Learn more about Anna Piaggi, the iconic Italian fashion editor known for her eccentric style and fashion knowledge. (via the New York Times)

3. myLuckymag.com is the latest venture from the shopping magazine that will launch next week and give readers the option to buy from retailers within the site. (via the New York Times)

4. Time management is one challenging aspect of running a business. Watch this video to see how you can become productive in your day. (via Open Forum)

5. Want to become a bit more strategic on Pinterest? Here are 7 tools you can use to get more out of your favorite pinning site. (via Inc.)

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