Week in Review: 3-D Printed Shoes, Build Your Brand with Social Media, Can Google Glass Be Cool and Your E-Commerce Website


3D printing shoe designs and download 1. Are you building an experience for your customers through your online shop? Read about the two types of retail strategies and see where you can optimize your business.  (via Mashable)

2. It's only a matter of time before consumers will be able to make accessories from 3-D printers. Look at these shoes that you may be able to soon download and print at home. (via Design Taxi)

3. The concept of Google Glass seems cools, but the real challenge is whether they can be stylish. Read about what people are saying about them. (via the New York Times)

4. Storytelling and transparency are two drivers of brand building. Read about which brands are doing it well. (via the Wall Street Journal)

5. How far can you build your brand with social media? Some argue that you can build it all. Here are a few ways to do it by mapping out your goals and having a strategic plan. (via PR Daily)

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