Week In Review: 3 Tricks for Making Time to Think, Watercolor Your Photos, How to Write a Mission Statement


BREAK 1. Studies show that men and women prefer different social media platforms. This INFOGRAHPHIC breaks down the gender that's pinning, tweeting and connecting on LinkedIn the most. (via Mashable)

2. In our busy day, it's imnportant to take time out to regroup. Here are 3 tricks for making time to think. (via Inc.)

3. There are so many ways to transform your photos. Here's an app that turns your pictures into watercolors. (via Design Taxi)

4. Email and social media go hand in hand. Take a look at these 4 ways to boost your social media presence by leveraging email. (via Inc.)

5. Having a mission statement is important because it helps serve as your guide as you move forward in your business. Here's how to develop a strong mission statement. (via Open Forum)

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