Week in Review: 32 Inspirational Quotes, Tag People on Instagram, JC Penny Apologizes and the Punk Trend

Chaos to Couture Jewelry
1. It's time to update your Instagram app because now you can tag friends and companies. (via WIRED)

2.Virgin Atlantic is getting new, sustainable uniforms courtesy of Vivienne Westwood that uses closed loop recycling and will focus on a futuristic aesthetic. (via PSFK)

3. JC Penny is doing a lot to win back customers. Watch their commercial which apologizes for the past and talks about their latest brand promise. (via Fast Company)

4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition will be open to the public May 9. Take a look at a few pieces from the season that fits with this counterculture. (via The New York Times)

5. Need some inspiration? Read these 32 quotes that every entrepreneur should live by. (via Forbes)

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