Week in Review: 3D Printed Shoes, Social Media Commandments, Warby Parker's Success and Ways to Avoid Burnout

  3D Printed shoes

1. There are so many interesting products that can be created with 3D printing. Check out these shoes designed to hold an iPhone case. (via Mashable)

2. Warby Parker has changed the eyewear category for the better. Read about the 3 things they did to launch a successful lifestyle brand. (via Tech Crunch)

3. Need a few social media guidelines? These 15 commandments will help guide you in the right direction. (via PR Daily)

4. Metail, a new UK-based company hopes to lessen returns and give consumers more confidence when shopping online. Their new 3D technology will allow consumers to create an avatar with their measurements to see if clothing fits before they make a purchase. (via Entrepreneur)

5. Feeling overwhelmed because of all the things you are doing as a designer? Here are 10 tips to avoid burnout that you may want to consider implementing. (via Open Forum)

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