Week in Review: 5 Ways to Promote Made in the USA, Etsy's Holiday Store and Alexander Wang at Balenciaga

Alexander Wang Balenciaga 1. This holiday season, Etsy launched a holiday shop in New York with over 100 vendors. See how they brought the online experience offline and engaged their customers in multiple ways.  (via Entrepreneur)

2. Alexander Wang's appointment as creative director at Balenciaga has been the talk of the industry. Read more about his history and the way he strategically developed his own fashion business.  (via the New York Times)

3. Are your products Made in New York or domestically? Here are 5 Ways to Promote Your Made in the USA business.  (via Entrepreneur)

4. If you are looking to fundraise, here 8 ways to generate capital for your business that you may want to consider. (via Mashable)

5. Content is key to building your brand and engaging with your network. Here are 5 big brands that are winning with this strategy. (via Fast Company)  

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