Week in Review: 50 Fashion Editors to Follow, Instagram Photos That Drive Engagement and Louis Vuitton Spots Videos


1. Louis Vuitton is asking fans to spot the differences in two videos featuring international blogger Bip Ling as way to drive engagement as part of their collaboration with Yayoi Kusama. (via PSFK)

2. Is your Gmail account in overload? Use these  9 extension plugins to help make going through email a bit easier. (via Mashable)

3. As you're tweeting, pinning and posting photos to social media sites, keep in mind that there are certain types of photos that drive the most engagement. (via Open Forum)

4. Want the scoop on who to follow on Pinterest? Here are 50 accounts from key editors that will give you information and one step closer to making a connection with them. (via Racked)

5. Using Instagram? Here are 4 ways to be the most efficient with the app. (via PR Daily)

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