Week in Review: An Interview with Diane von Furstenberg, Get Creative with Vine, History of the Jumpsuit and Work-Life Integration


Jumpsuit trend 1. Diane von Furstenberg's wrap dress turns 40 next year. Read this great interview on her being a princess, a woman and her marriage. (via The New York Times)

2. You've probably heard of work-life balance, but do you know about work-life integration? Learn how you can take control of your business and personal life. (via Open Forum)

3. Using Vine yet? Get inspiration from fashion brands likes Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. (via Mashable)

4. Consumers can be your best marketers if you engage with them and even ask them to spread the word. This article should spark some ideas on how you can make customers your brand ambassadors. (via Forbes)

5. The jumpsuit comes and goes and can be styled so many ways. Take a look at the history of it and why fashion experts think that pulling it off is a state of mind. (via the Wall Street Journal)

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