Week in Review: Better Instagram Photos, Twitter Etiquette, Bringing Back the Tie and New Etsy Guidelines

Men's Tie Trend 1. Knowing how to take a good Instagram photo is really important because it is one way to communicate your brand's aesthetic. Use these five tips to make your images better. (via Forbes)

2. In order for Etsy to grow, they've switched up their designer requirements. Read how merchants can now outsource shipping, use manufactures and hire employees. (via Business Week)

3. While some of the majors players have opted to ditch the tie, look how young trendsetters are bringing it back. (via the Wall Street Journal)

4.Twitter is an excellent way to engage with your network. As you build your community, take a look at these etiquette tips. (via Mashable)

5. There's no doubt that the selfie has become an important branding tool. Check out this Infographic on the phenomenon. (via Social Media Today)

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