Week in Review: Christian Louboutin's Archives, Profits From Pinterest and Your First Hour at Work


  1. As your pinning away, make sure you are being strategic to not only create engaging boards, but to also attract customers. Here are a few ways to make a profit using Pinterest  (via Open Forum)

  2. 9 West Launches Channel 9. See how they are engaging fans and showing off their shoe knowledge. So, is there an opportunity for you to be a expert in your category?  (via Kenton Magazine)

  3. What do you do your first hour of your morning? Here's what successful people do the first hour of their work day. If you break the rules, you may want to give these a try  (via Fast Company)

  4.  Trends. Are they still a must to follow? This article poses the question on whether trends are passé. (via The New York Times)

  5.  You may own a pair of Christian Louboutin's or simply admire the red sole. Take a peak at the designer's archive and learn more about him (via The Wall Street Journal)
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