Week in Review: Coogi Nineties Trend, Selfies, Storytelling Tips and J.Crew as a Fashion Incubator


  Coogi Sweater Trend

1. A revival of the nineties is in full swing. Check out how Coogi plans to make a comeback and how popular brands like Rag & Bone were inspired by their iconic sweaters this season. (via the New York Times)

2. It seems like everyone is doing selfies these days. Here's why it may be good to make it a part of your marketing strategy.  (via Open Forum)

3. Storytelling is a great way to give meaning to your brand. Here are 4 ways to make your brand more compelling.  (via Entrepreneur)

4. J.Crew has become one of the strongest merchants out today. Read how it also serves as an incubator for in-house designers. (via Business Week)

5. Need to balance work and personal life? Check out these five meditation apps that can help you stay focused (via Mashable)

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