Week in Review: Fashion U, Mini Bryan Boy, Dropbox Tips and Website Mistakes to Avoid

1. The key to luring people into your website is not just with a good product assortment, but with a comprehensive page. Take a look at these 8 common mistakes to make sure you're not making any of these. (via Inc)

2. You're designing, selling and marketing which means that there's a lot you have to execute. Here's how to stop over thinking and get things done. (via Entrepreneur)

3. The Coveteur just relaunched the site and to celebrate, created this video that show mini fashion icons like Bryan Boy and Anna Della Russo. (via Design Taxi)

4. Teen Vogue's Fashion U gave college students with aspirations of being in the fashion industry a peak of what the business is about. Read about what various designers said about education, experience and how they got their start. (via the Wall Street Journal)

5. Using Dropbox is a good way to share files but there's so much more you can do. Check out these tips and tricks that will save you time and keep you efficient. (via Mashable)

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