Week in Review: Get Inspired by Warby Parker, Edit Your Mobile Videos and Selling Directly to Customers


The Emerging Designer Warby Parker

Warby Parker, the innovative fashion startup that launched in 2010 is still on an upswing. They continue to sell fashionable eyewear at an affordable price with excellent customer service and also give a pair to someone in need for every frame that is purchased. Read how Neil Blumenthal, the co-CEO helped to build this startup and get inspired as you grow your business. (via The Wall Street Journal)

2. Ready to create engaging video content? Check out this article on how to edit your mobile videos and learn about a few new resources that will make it a breeze. (via IFB)

3. To be a strategic marketer,  it's important to focus on communicating your message to your target. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter allow us to broadcast news to the masses, but there's also opportunity to get even more concentrated through mobile. This infographic shows the power of narrowcasting via text message vs. broadcasting. (via Mashable)

4. Reaching retailers is going to get easier for designers. B2B fashion sites are popping up and allowing brands to connect with buyers and store owners. (via Women's Wear Daily)

5. We all know that Facebook is one way to reach your customer, but here are a few reasons why selling and marketing directly to consumers has its own benefits.  (via Fast Company)

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