Week in Review: Grace Coddington's Memoir, 10 Productivity Apps, 9 Shopify Tips and Finding Focus

1. If your in the fashion business, you've probably heard of Grace Coddington. This former model and creative director at Vogue has released her memoir titled "Grace" which details her experiences and journey within the industry. (via the New York Times)

2. As an emerging designer, you're multi-tasking everyday. To help make you become more efficient, try using these 10 personal productivity apps. (via Inc.)

3. Learning how to build and market your e-commerce business takes trial and error. Check out these 9 Shopify tips from experts on how to optimize your website.  (via Fast Company)

4. Building your brand online is important and also a necessity. This infographic shows how entrepreneurs can win online and the importance of various digital platforms. (via Mashable)

5. The simple things in life can make all of the difference. Try implementing these three habits to help you find focus. (via Design Taxi)

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