Week in Review: How Fashion Trends are Determined, Intern Management Tips, Getting a Social Life and Writing a Good Email

Fashion Trend Forecasting 1. Are you working with interns? If so, watch this video that gives a few tips on how to maximize a student's internship and help develop your leadership skills. (via Inc.)

2. Do you want to know which market segment is using the various social media platforms. Take a look at his infographic on who uses which platform. (via PR Daily)

3. Is your social life in full swing? Here's why having one is good for your professional career. (via Fast Company)

4. Emails not getting through? Check out these tips for emailing really busy people. (via Inc.)

5. Understanding the next fashion trend is something that will always be important to the industry. Read thoughts from experts on why it's important to look at both data and go with instinct. (via the New York Times)

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