Week in Review: How Rachel Roy Got Her Break, Visual Social Media and 3 Ways to Boost Your Creativity


1. Everyone has their own story to tell on how they got started. This slideshow features 14 fashion industry names that tell how they broke into the fashion business. (via Teen Vogue)

2. There are so many tasks to accomplish in a day that being efficient is key. Here's how to find your productivity hotspot. (via Inc.)

3. Digital networking is just as important as doing it in person. Take a look at these 5 good ways to network on Twitter and LinkedIn. (via Mashable)

4. Pictures are key to winning on just about every digital platform you're on. Read about the rise of visual social media and why imagery is good for your brand. (via Fast Company)

5. In need of some inspiration to fuel your designs, marketing and everyday business efforts? Try these 3 ways to boost your creativity. (via Entrepreneur.com)

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