Week in Review: How to Use Vine, Passing on New York Fashion Week, Email Marketing Tips and Social Bookmarking Tools

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 1. New York Fashion Week starts this week. Here's why some designers have decided to forego runways shows and presentations.  (via the Wall Street Journal)

2. Are fabrics are starting to take a more medicinal approach? Take a look at these garments that claim to tighten, moisturize and get rid of cellulite. (via the New York Times)

3. With so much content online, here are three social bookmarking tools to keep your notes, articles and inspiration organized. (via Entrepreneur)

4. Email marketing can be an effective tool if done right. Here are 6 myths explained that will help you optimize your strategy. (via Inc.)

5. Twitter recently launched Vine, a video-sharing app that's already generating a lot of buzz. Watch this video on how to use it. (via Business Insider)

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