Week in Review: the Micheal Kors Instagram Ad That Goes Wrong, 50 Incredible Business Cards, Be More Productive and Facebook's Changes


1. Learn more about the latest Facebook for business changes so you can create focused marketing for your brand. (via Open Forum)

2. Here are 50 incredible business cards that may give you some visual inspiration. (via Arrows)

3. Want to be more productive? Try giving these three tips a try in order to get more done in your day. (via Inc)

4. Black Friday may be losing its luster as more stores are open on Thanksgiving Day. Here's some interesting retail data about the holiday season. (via Crains New York)

5. Micheal Kors became the first brand to advertise on Instagram. Despite a beautiful photo, the negative comments are what marketers may face when disrupting an organic flow of visuals. (via Fashionista)

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