Week in Review: Internet Sales Tax, High Heel Law Suits, 7 Social Media Tips and the Bangladesh Factory Collapse

Low Heeled Shoe Trend 1. Staying active on social media is essential when trying to grow your fashion business and the key is to engage with your audience. Use these 7 tips to make the most of your time online. (via Inc.)

2. In honor of shoe week and World Intellectual Property Day, check out these 10 infamous footwear lawsuits. (via Racked)

3. Read more details on the Bangladeshi factory collapse and the cost of cheap clothes. (via CNN)

4. Do you know about the Marketplace Fairness Act? Here's information about why online retailers may be forced to pay sales tax soon. (via The New York Times)

5. Low-heeled shoes are everywhere this spring. See how designers are giving them an edge despite their frumpy reputation. (via The New York Times)

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