Week in Review: Met Ball Dress Code, Pinterest Tips, Fashion Knockoffs and Instagram for Marketers


Met  Ball White Tie 1. If you need ideas on what to pin, here are 5 creative ways brands are using Pinterest. (via Entrepreneur)

2. J.Crew is diversifying their portfolio and will be launching a lower priced line. (via Business Week)

3. The Met Ball calls for white tie and decorations. Read about what this dress code means for those attending the gala. (via WWD)

4. Copycats are inevitable each season, but some are just visual verbatim. Take a look at these fast fashion knock offs that have landed for spring. (via Fashionista)

5. If you're wondering which social platform is the best for your business, take a look at this article that talks about how Instagram is a winning choice for marketers right now. (via Mashable)

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