Week in Review: Pinterest Tools for Business, the Hula Hoop Trend, 10 Things to Tweet and Entrepreneurial Tips from Pilgrims

1. Ever since Karl Lagerfeld debuted the hula hoop bag at Chanel's spring show, it fueled a craze that can be seen at the gym, in schools and probably at fast fashion retailers as it will be sold in smaller sizes next season. (via the New York Times)

2. Pinterest understands its power as a business resource and has recently launched tools to make companies more effective when pinning. (via Mashable)

3. Do you ever get stuck on what to write on Twitter? Here are 10 content ideas to help you generate better tweets and ultimately a stronger connection with your network. (via Entrepreneur)

Learning a new skill can help you become a stronger entrepreneur. Whether it's coding, Chinese, or even how to balance your income statements, these free courses will help you hone in on a specific subject(via Design Taxi)

With Thanksgiving a few days away, here are 9 tips entrepreneurs can learn from pilgrims. (via Forbes)

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