Week in Review: Polyester is Back, Tech Candy, Fashion Week in Every City and eBay Partners with Goodwill

Polyester becoming popular fabric 1. A new grade of "techno fibers" hit the scene this fashion week. See why these synthetics, especially polyester, has become better and more popular. (via The Wall Street Journal)

2. Check out what our Peeps, eggs and chocolate would look like if tech companies made Easter candy. (via Mashable)

3. Technology embedded into garments will be increasingly popular. New Your-based designer Asher Levine is one pioneer with his bluetooth enabled chips inside of his latest pieces. (via Springwise)

4. Just about every city is developing a fashion week. Read about the success stories and why they matter to the industry and local economy. (via CNN)

5. eBay has partnered with Goodwill to launch the Sell It Forward program to encourage users to donate clothes and earn 50% off items sold without having to create their own listing. (via PSFK)

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