Week in Review: Remembering Versailles, Mobile Shopping Stats, the Pearl Trend and Factory Safety in Bangladesh

Pearl Detail TrendPearl Detail Trend 1. This week marked the anniversary of Versailles. Read more about this unforgettable moment in fashion that changed the way the world perceived American design. (via the Wall Street Journal)

2. This holiday, pearls are popping up everywhere. See how they are used as detailed embellishments on everything from hats to shoes. (via the New York Times)

3. This holiday season, consumers will be spending time on their cell phones looking to find the best deals and of course,  shopping. Take a look at this infographic to see some interesting retail stats. (via Entrepreneur)

4. The blue shoelace project was an enormous success from Flit & Tinder. Read about their Kickstarter campaign that is helping to boost American manufacturing. (via PSFK)

5. It's been a year since the two major factory fires happened in Bangladesh. Read more about the workers and hurdles of organizing fair labor practices.  (via CNN)