Week In Review: The Imaginarium at Selfridges, the Science of Instagram, Loehmann's Shut Down and Facebook Changes


Selfridges Festival of Imagination 1. Selfridges is getting ready for the Festival of Imagination, which includes six weeks of event programming to stretch the mind and offer a new type of retail experience. (via PSFK)

2. Facebook made a slight adjustment to their algorithm which now gives more exposure to business pages that show photos vs. text. (via Tech Crunch)

3. Is there a science to Instagram? Here's new research that suggests that certain filters work better than others and the types of content that win over shoppers (via Business Insider)

4. If you want to be productive the next day, research says don't check your phone at night.  (via Inc.)

5. Loehmann's, a New York icon is closing down. Read about the history of the retailer and thoughts on why the store wasn't relevant to shoppers. (via the New York Times)

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