Week in Review: Top 20 Retail Stories, 12 Inspiring Videos, 3 Ways to Declutter and Advice from Richard Branson




1. From startups to collaborations and pop up shows, consumers saw a slew of new retail initiatives. Here is PSFK's top 20 retail stories of  2012. (via PSFK)

2. It's a new year and that means new ways of looking at your business efforts. Here are 5 smart marketing habits for 2013. (via Open Forum)

2. Need a kick to get you excited for a new sets of goals and accomplishments? Here are Inc.'s most inspiring videos of 2012. (via Inc.)

4. What's your disadvantage? Lack of capital, time or support? Richard Branson shares how he turned his into an advantage. (via Virgin)

5. Staying organized leads to a more efficient business. Here are 3 ways to declutter your office and start fresh.

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